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Maurine and Philip Halperin

Maurine and Phil Halperin
Maurine and Philip Halperin Parents of 2016 Occidental graduate
Education Leaders

Maurine and Phil Halperin firmly believe that opportunity is a founding premise of our nation, and education should go hand in hand with that. The Halperins have long been committed to and both work in K-12 education. Based in San Francisco, Maurine currently serves as Director of Advancement at Town School for Boys and Phil is the Executive Director at California Education Partners.

“Education is the ultimate social justice issue,” says Maurine. “If we can provide people with the education to go out in the world, take care of themselves and make a difference, we are helping to level the playing field and create opportunity in our country. That’s something I think we can all agree is important.”

One of the couple’s three children, Sara Ruth, graduated from Oxy in 2016 with a goal to work in the music industry, and thanks to the College’s strong alumni network and her own drive and persistence, she has done exactly that. 

Maurine and Phil both graduated from Stanford University and remain active with their alma mater and with Oxy. Providing scholarship support and opportunities for students facing barriers to educational access is germane to the mission of their family and professional endeavors.


Photo of the Halperin family courtesy of Marc Patrick, Occidental College Class of 2013